I have decided for myself that throughout my journey I will try to surround myself with creative people and try to constantly expand this circle. I just need it. Why?

When you are surrounded by people who have a rich imagination and huge reserves of energy, your imagination itself begins to work harder, and you charge. There is a positive energy exchange!
So look for friends and acquaintances who will inspire you. As a result, you will learn to think in new, even more interesting directions.

Long-term studies have shown that the course of your life will change only when you communicate with a group of people who think in the same categories (positively, which is important), just like you!⠀
In my recent art tour to Georgia, I met many wonderful creative people. In the photo I am with Amiran Kuprav, a famous Georgian artist 🙏🏼⠀
And do you often communicate and meet people of your direction? Do you think this is important?