Decided to radically change your interior and plan to write a picture in it?

It is best to create harmony in the case when the picture is bought first, and the interior design is developed after the purchase is made.

🌟Then a person feels absolutely free to buy exactly what he wants and loves.
🌟 You will not worry about whether or not the picture will fit under the upholstery of your sofa or the color of the wallpaper. In this case, you can safely plan the decor around the work of art.
Картина и интерьер
The work, first of all, should have its own charisma and in no way adapt to the color of the wall or the shape of the sofa. ❗️ Room decor must support art, and not vice versa. And then, your picture will always look better and have a stronger perception in space🌪

Of course, this is not the rule number 1 (although there is a place to be), and in most cases you can buy / order an ideal picture for an already completed interior.