Home is your best gallery and place of power 🏠 ( Designed by @zhilin_brothers. My work: A Way)

It is no secret that good paintings can transform any space, make the house cozy and unique.

👉🏼 Any item of your home interior carries information with you. One thing is joy, the desire to live and create, and the other is despondency and depression.
👉🏼 Items can bring good luck to your home, or cause unhappiness. It depends on many factors: themes, colors and location. Skillfully and with taste to hang out the paintings is a great art.
Your home is the best gallery

Being engaged in the design of the room and creating your own style, you should not go to extremes. Asceticism in the interior leads to emptiness and incompleteness, and glut – to congestion.

Uniform style is easy to break the wrong combination of different elements and details of the situation. Therefore, buying a picture, you need to think about how it will look next to other objects in the interior. It will simply take up space on the wall or give the room a new sound❓