«The energy of life»

Canvas, oil, 90 х 110 cm, 2018 г

The picture is about the desire for a brighter way of life, easy resolution of situations, the intention to bind yourself a new life. A picture of hope. One part of the picture suggests about desire of a better life for another person, another part of the picture suggests that whatever the circumstances you always have the opportunity to change your life and bind yourself a new fate: more interesting and vibrant.

«The Stream» Diptych

Canvas, oil, 60 х 80 cm, 2018 г.

Today being in the stream is not just words. Even the breath responds to this diptych. Look, a foreign object hits the stream on the left. The moment is broken. No one know what will happen after that. And if you look at the right picture, you can see how the most difficult model can be adopted by the stream, if she hears it. And how a flexible stream ennobles a prickly figure if it enters the stream. She becomes part of it. Perhaps its priceless component of the stream. Being in the stream is not breaking the stream harmony.


Canvas, oil, 60 х 80 cm, 2018 г.

The picture is filled with light and joy. We can keep warm not only with the sun, but also with human warmth; with care, attention, love, a kind word

«The Red»

Canvas, oil, 60 х 80 cm, 2018 г.

This picture is the highest energy of breakthrough. The picture of a male focused force aimed at a way out of any situation. Picture of the battle, where you absorbed by the element. You’re almost gone. This moment before the last step and this step is longer than life… Ode to male heroism. A moment before life.

«The Blue»

Canvas, oil, 60 х 80 cm, 2018 г.

This painting tactile, decorative. Its woody aura responds with warmth, and blue seems cold. But uniting together they become a single calming warmth. This picture will bring home the breath of nature, the most beautiful places of nature. And you want to touch the bark of the tree and look into the distance, at the horizon, where the Earth and the endless sky are connected.

«The Luna-park»

Canvas, acrylic, 90 х 90 cm, 2018 г.

The plot of this picture is classic. The deep past and the fantastic past are connected here. Galileo in 1609 invented a telescope to study the mountains and craters of the moon. The flight of the spacecraft was in 1959. And after that the debates about the landing of a man on the moon does not abate. A picture of a dream. Someone has a romantic dream, someone has an ambitious dream. But it’s still a dream. A dream to go beyond the impossible!


Canvas, oil, 80 х 60 cm, 2018

Lots of trees: willow, ash, maples, aspen… Everything at the whispering garden. Autumn leaves of trees of different colors: red, golden, green… The sun’s rays are hiding in the foliage. Everything is alive and ready to say goodbye to summer. Nature is blessed!

Diptych «Inspiration»

Canvas, oil, 60 х 80 cm, 2018

What is inspiration? This is a new breath for me. New emotions, impressions, new types. I love to travel and the rainbow mountains in Peru inspired me to create this picture. What a variety of colors! Nature is truly the best artist!

«Smooth surface»

Canvas, acrylic, 90 х 90 cm, 2018

The picture tells about the perfection of nature and worship before it. It is about human powerlessness to create something better than what nature has already created.

«The Way»

Canvas, oil, 100 х 160 cm, 2018 г.

This picture shows how important it is to see, feel, accept and go only on your own way.

«Warm evening»

Canvas, oil, 50 х 50 cm, 2018

She is so warm that you want to go inside it.

«Ah, this sunset magic. The day is lived…».

Natalia Rodovina

«Genus Tree»

Canvas, oil, 90 х 100 cm, 2018

This picture shows a tree of the genus. The picture is very tactile, with a wood texture. Next to the picture you feel strong maternal energy. In the genus tree a female figure is clearly guessed. Moreover, there are fragments where the most important women’s chakras. It’s necessary for the continuation of the genus and care.
svadhisthana – chakra of care and Anahata – chakra of heartfelt love. The tree of the genus is depicted on a sky-blue background. This gives the picture an extra breath and visually facilitates the picture with such wooden texture. Next to this picture, you feel satisfaction and calmness for your genus, for the natural flow and breath of life.

«Fire magic»

Canvas, oil, 60 х 80 cm, 2018

The picture is energy. The picture is gathering all the space around you. With this picture you can live without a fireplace.

Fire is the prodrudel of all energy. Including creativity. This is the most spiritual and the most physical element. On the one hand, you can feel your power by feeling the fire. On the other hand, you can calm down when you are looking at the fire. Fire is the engine of the world. People who want to add energy, to increase their speed, must make sure that the colors of fire are in their interior.

«The Copper»

Canvas, acrylic, 90 х 90 cm, 2018

The picture has a female nature. It is a metal of golden-pink color and is found in nature in its native form. A flying meteorite gives to the picture a harmonizing dynamics and enhances a female part. In the historical context, copper is associated with the goddess Venus. Copper was designated the alchemical symbol: mirror of Venus. Mirrors were made from it. This picture is very energetically feminine.

«A new map of World»

Canvas, acrylic, 90 х 90 cm, 2018

The picture is about carelessness, about rest, dreams, about warmth, authenticity, cleanliness. The picture is about the world in the soul and in the big sense about the World.

«The Wanderer»

Canvas, oil, 60 х 80 cm, 2018

The picture is written in a natural, calm colors. The picture is about finding yourself, about finding your own. People often fail to find peace and tranquility set off. Someone goes the sky, someone travels through the earth, mountains, water, while others are left alone with themselves and travel inside. The picture is optimistic, because it has a sunny accent.

«The abundance»

Canvas, oil, 60 х 80 cm, 2018

It is an abundance of color, light, air, water, forests, steppes of fertile fields and gardens. It is an abundance of miraculous and man-made beauty.

This is the harmony of the relationship between man and nature. A diptych strengthens this thought not only of nature, but also a man-laborer who multiplies and adorns this world. A light wave as a symbol of vision and interaction. A picture that gives you a joy.

«The basis of life»

Canvas, oil, 60 х 80 cm, 2018

In the picture clearly guesses the water in its turbulent manifestation.

Water is the basis of life. There are 70% of the Earth’s territory is water, 70% of an adult is water. Water is life itself. In the center of the picture guessed two figures, and around the streams, spinning in all directions. And nothing gets them out of the way. The picture is about love of life and vitality.

«The harmony of passion»

Canvas, oil, 60 х 80 cm, 2018

Sensations, feelings, emotions, states – create around us multi-colored iridescence. Love opens for us a romantic world of experience and for everyone it has its own.

This is primarily energy. Its colors can be seen as other forms of energy. Love has a color. The love heart is characterized by two colors, green and pink, and their shades. The field of lovers is playing with a lively, iridescent glow. When inhaled, emerald, on exhalation purple-pink. And when joy and strength come together, thirst and impulsiveness. Aura glows red. My picture is about the harmony of passion and therefore it has all the shades of love of different amplitudes.

«The magical forest»

Canvas, oil, 100 х 90 cm, 2018

In the title of the picture you can see the theme of magic. This forest feeds, fills and from different angles you will always see a new image. It’s very interesting… The picture is very joyful, it has a lot of heat and light. Looking at this you’re eyes are resting and captivating.

«Unconditional love»

Canvas, oil, 60 х 80 cm, 2018

It is a dream of every person. This is unconditional acceptance. Love is hugging you. It’s gently as a feather. I see it delicate, easy. Where all the colors are mixed in each other. There is only a silence and light, and cleanliness, and calm.

«Element Fire», Portrait

Canvas, oil, 70 х 100 cm, 2018

The picture was born in one breath. The passion, desire, heat, burning is enclosed in it.

«Element of earth»

Canvas, oil,70 х 100 cm, 2018

The picture shows the image of a woman. This is a warm, calm and saving image. Silence, statics, peace, sanity, humility, harmony, stability… Looking at the portrait, you remember the image of the Matrona of Moscow arises, which being a blind woman said: “I will see and hear you. I will help you”

Background selected in gray. Associations: stones, soil, sand. One of the main symbolic values of gray is restraint, justice, and a desire for spirituality. Earth is a symbol of the feminine due to its fertility. Earth feeds and continues a genus. The picture is very warm, all-embracing, stabilizing and giving you a strength.

«The element of the air»

Canvas, oil, 70 х 100 cm, 2018

The element of air is a connecting link. This is a conflict-free environment that can reconcile all the elements. Element contributes to the manifestation of basic human qualities; spiritual enrichment, personal growth, contact with people. Air is the all-pervading, filling energy.

«The element of water»

Canvas, oil, 70 х 100 cm, 2018

«The element of fire»

Canvas, oil, 60 х 150 cm, 2018

The element of fire is the most spiritual and the most physical element. The painting depicts a woman overwhelmed by carnal passion. A directional beam illuminates the body. A passion that can overshadow common sense, in which there is no place for thoughts about the consequences. Pleasure and pure energy here and now. The picture is very energetic and it depicts the moment of finding light.

«Element of earth»

Canvas, oil, 70 х 100 cm, 2018

In this picture, the sensations do not disappear. This is some kind of fantastic image. It seems like the Pandora. It’s tree of life.

«Element of the water»

Canvas, oil, 60 х 150 cm, 2018

Correctness of the proportions of the canvas gives this picture the property of reality. We are, as it were, present at the birth of a new person. We see how sadness is washed off by the blessed white waters, and the face is illuminated with light a symbolic pink color of love. Love is a medicine for the soul. A rebirth is taking place right now. Sometimes it seems that water is love. It is the basis of life, like love.

«The blue ocean»

Resin art, 50х60 sm, 2018

The picture shares a powerful energy. The picture shows that creative and generating ideas takes us into an endless ocean of possibilities. Well, there you have to try that the ocean does not swallow you up.

«Energy of life» Diptych

Resin art, 60х80 sm, 2018

This is an energetic picture that speaks of endless movement, a cycle. The cycle of nature is a process around man, where he is here and now. Here is a different cycle at this painting. This is a cycle in depth. It is a cycle before you. What is his energy? Do you recognize the power of your genus? This picture is for someone who wants to look into the depths and who has complete involvement. Do you want to go in cycle and become a part of this powerful force?

«Here and now», diptych

Resin art, 60х80 sm, 2018

The picture in the classic colors. Black and white. The interaction of aspiring to a circle of forms. This is a perfect form that cannot be reinvented. It combines the uniqueness of today’s knowledge with the age-old past. The circle is infinitely symbolic. It is completeness, integrity and ability to rebound. This picture is the pursuit of excellence.

Here and now we are seeing if the birth of a circle will occur … or is it perfect unreachable?

«Sweet dreams»

Resin art, 60х80 sm, 2018

Bright picture of dreams, memories. Here is a carelessness, calm, fresh breath of the sea, morning.

Diptych «Upper than sky»

Resin art, 60х80 sm, 2018

This picture is without borders in every sense. What could be higher than the sky? Stars, infinity, the flight of fantasy, dreams…

“Dream of small or incredible,
dream of a miracle among all the wonders,
Heaven is have not a limit of dream.”

Elena Kichol